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How exactly does a commissioned painting come about?

In this blog post, I would like to show you more details about the creation of a commissioned work - STEP BY STEP.

A commissioned work is something very individual - painted just for you!

A custom-made on canvas.

It evokes memories and creates emotions.

You determine the motif and the format.

For me, the combination of shape + color is important - your story - which I bring to the canvas through my technique.

But what exactly do I paint during a commissioned work?

I paint your motif and help you meet "your" expectations.

My style is mixed media art - in which different media are used for a work.

Media here refers to objects on which a message is conveyed in artistic form.

By applying several layers to different materials such as newspaper, poster remnants, paint and fillers, your story is created in the "subsot" and reinforced by drawing elements - sometimes abstract - sometimes realistic.

It becomes visible through text, image, symbols and your motif.

It's an interaction.

And the price?

It depends on the size of your desired work of art.

After placing the order, 40% of the purchase price is due. Only after receipt of payment do I start the commissioned work.

Installment payment? Together we will find a solution.

And how long does a commissioned work take?

You can with approx. Calculate 3 - 4 weeks - I will send you more precise times personally.

Of The Photos!

I am very happy to help you with this!

Photos with a lot of light and shadow are best suited.

Please no night shots with flash light.

However, it is important that you like your photo and carries a certain emotion for you or reminds you of a beautiful, happy moment.

But somehow you haven't found the right photo yet - then I'll give you a few more tips here:

  • Take your time and search all your photos on your mobile phone / computer. You probably also need them if your storage system is just as chaotic as mine.

  • You put photos where you stop briefly in a folder.

  • Ignore the background or what you wear in the photo (e.g. the patterned blouse that was a classic mispurchase).

  • Pay attention to details that seem important to you (hair / eyes / mouth / chain....).

  • Ask your friends if they still have photos of you - snapshots of the last party or your joint excursion / vacation.

  • Ask your family / friends / colleagues again and again to photograph you - please no photos provided!

I'm sure at the latest now you have YOUR PHOTO!

There can also be several and we will find the perfect photo together.

What then?

After we have discussed in detail your motif, format and colour selection - the deposit has been made, I start the painting process.

The process of painting - the creation of the work of art

From here I take the lead and you can sit back and relax and trust me.

If you know and appreciate my work - we have built our mutual trust - you know what to expect.

I will keep you up to date and contact you as soon as I have to deviate from our common timetable - e.g. a detail or a colour that does not harmonise.

Just before the artwork is ready, I'll send you a photo or you'll stop by my studio - over a cup of coffee, I'll take time to discuss your picture with you.

Here you are asked again - openly and honestly to say your opinion.

So that I can still make any changes or optimisations.


If your artwork meets your expectations, you will transfer the outstanding amount to me.

You can then pick up your commissioned work from me in the studio or I will deliver it to your home.

You can find more information in my post "I want to have a work of art, what now?"

Here are a few examples of already created commissioned work

Are you interested in commissioned work?

Get in touch with me without obligation

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