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Empowerment through creation: How a photo shoot made my artistic vision and female energy shine

Hello my creative souls and style-conscious people!

Ready for a look behind the scenes that sounds less like gallery opening and more like a mixture of improv theatre and fashion show?

Then sharpen your imagination, because today I will take you on an intimate journey in which not only my works of art come into the spotlight, but also my inner fine spirit, who played an essential leading role in this photo shoot.

It's about what really makes my art - about the powerful connection between my personality as an artist and the works that flow through my hands. But be warned: uncertainty and a touch of irony were part of the game!

The uncertainty of the creative spark (or how to create a masterpiece from self-doubt):

Imagine standing in front of your homemade cake and wondering if it is really as delicious as you imagine after a cup of coffee and a deep breath.

Sometimes you just doubt your own creations, even if the pleasant scent moves through the kitchen and the sense of taste tingles with anticipation.

It is this invisible hurdle of self-doubt that each of us has experienced before and slumbers deep in one.

This uncertainty was the creative spark that was the starting signal for a journey of self-discovery and authentic expression.

Because who wants to create art that shines less than a fireflies in the summer?

The photographer as a director (or how to conduct a masterpiece with a camera):

Then she came,


- Petra Simon -

More director than photographer.

Her lens was not only focussed on my works, but on me as an artist, on my personality, my femininity and my vision of style.

Together we created not only pictures, but a visual anthem of empowerment that extends beyond the scope of art.

It was a kind of staging in which my innermost drama queen on the virtual stage, would actually have deserved an Oscar for the best leading role.

The intimacy of art selection (or how to categorise emotions and hope that they look good):

Each motif selected for the shoot was not only a selection from my collection of works of art, materials and countless props that I had carefully prepared.

They were reflections of my journey, my emotions and my femininity.

The uncertainty turned into certainty that this selection would not only tell my story, but also convey a powerful message of empowerment.

And quite honestly, when a feeling of enthusiasm spreads the first time I look at the photo, I knew - this will be a hit!

Solved doubts during the shooting in the head (or how to tame an inner melodramatic):

The moment of the first click was like unleashing doubts.

Atmosphere, poses and perspectives merged into a creative symphony that not only told the dreamed story, but also breathed the spirit of empowerment.

It wasn't just a photo shoot; it was a celebrated reinforcement of my artistic identity and a liberation of my creative soul.

And yes, my inner fine spirit took a selfie break - she was impressed.

In between, a short hair-dressing moment, the feeling of putting on a new top - because sometimes you feel even more powerful in a different outfit.

Every click of the camera was like a critical viewing in the mirror, but the photographer's glances were like a magic potion that strengthened self-confidence.

Her eyes not only caught the picture, but also penetrated my insecurities, with every look I found myself a little more in my own strength.

In these moments, when I may not have felt quite comfortable in my skin, she intuitively understood how to find the perfect angle to emphasise my person and my style authentically.

It was as if she had found a key to my self-confidence and shot it in every shot.

Between self-criticism and trust, not only a picture was formed, but also a connection that reached far beyond the exterior.

It was as if she had the ability to focus not only my person as an artist, but also my thoughts and capture her in a photo that said more than a thousand words.

Gained security in script preparation (or how to persuade an inner director to cooperate):

My script became a manifesto of my artistic self.

Every pose, every attitude became not only an expression of my personality and style, but also the manifestation of the powerful energy of female strength.

The uncertainty in the script preparation turned into certainty.

The script became the guide for an impressive staging that not only created pictures, but also raised my art to a new level.

My inner fine spirit nodded appreciatively - worth a standing ovation.

The importance of self-marketing and branding (or how not to let a Picasso dust in a drawer):

But this is not where the story ends.

It is not only about the creation of art, but also about the art of self-marketing and branding.

In a world full of visual charms, it is crucial to present not only my art, but also the many stories behind it.

This photo shoot was not only a reinforcement of my creative identity, but also a step towards a stronger presence in the art world.

Because my art should not end up in a drawer, but attract attention like a Picasso - without dust.

The thanks to the photographer (or how to design a superhero cape for a photographer):

A heartfelt thank you to my photographer - not only for the photos taken, but for the created visual revolution of empowerment.

You not only captured my moments, but transformed them into works of art that look like superhero capes for the soul.

Your view through the lens has not only created photographs, but also told a story - a story of strength, femininity and artistic upswing.

Thank you for capturing not only my external appearance, but also my inner fighter.

You are more than a photographer; you are a storyteller, an artist and in the creation of images, you manage to make the invisible visible.

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Eure Petra


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