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"My art is a revolution of the feminine, reminding the world that women are infinitely diverse and indescribably beautiful."

"Petra van Bellen: From fashion forward to canvas magic - A colorful way of self-discovery!"

A colorful way of self-discovery!" In the world of fashion and visual design, Petra van Bellen was a fixture. But behind the shiny backdrops of the fashion industry are often untold stories. The burdens of her top-class job and the oppressed creative passion took their toll.

With admirable determination, she found her voice in art. Her works are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a reflection of healing and a new beginning. An inspiring story of courage, self-realization and the power to reinvent oneself.


Fashion is my inspiration

In my art, elegance and style merge into a living expression of individuality, a tribute to the art of details and the beauty of fashion.

Use the inner strength to create your own masterpiece


Werde zum „VIP“ Frauen Deluxe

"Dein exklusiver Zugang zu Kunst, Stil und einer Prise Ironie!"

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