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"The beauty of the soul revealed:
The woman as a symbol of inner strength in art."


The woman at the center of my art combines thoughts and emotions into a harmonious whole that is revealed in every brush stroke and every color nuance.

It is my tribute to the inner resources of strength and energy that lie within each of us, waiting to be discovered.

In this context the question arises:

How can art serve to reveal the hidden treasures of inner strength and beauty within each of us while celebrating the inspiring diversity of life? ​


In my art the depth and beauty of life is revealed.

It is a reminder that true beauty is not only found in external forms, but in the often overlooked inner world.

The woman in my works symbolizes the human ability to overcome challenges and harness inner strength to flourish even in the most difficult times. ​

My art is a language that connects us on an emotional level. By putting "you" in the focus of my art, I want to encourage you to realize that you have the power to shape your life and develop your own inner beauty.

Our inner world is a rich ocean of possibilities, and it is up to us to explore this depth and realize our potential.

My art serves as an inspiration to appreciate the beauty of life in all its facets and to use your inner strength to create your own masterpiece.

"Petra van Bellen: Your inspiring journey to the master of self-realization."

Born in Trier in 1965, Petra van Bellen was driven by a burning passion for art and design from an early age.

This led her down an impressive path of experience and self-knowledge.

She began her professional career in the fashion industry, where she worked in a top job in visual merchandising. But one fateful moment in a public restroom brought a crucial realization: It was time to make a change. The stresses of working life and the suppression of her creative passion had taken their toll, but required courage.

This uplifting experience served as a catalyst for Petra van Bellen to take a drastic turn in her life. She courageously took up art to expressively bring her own experiences, feelings and insights onto the canvas. Her works are a reflection of healing and new beginnings, using the multiple layers in mixed media on canvas as a metaphor for the different facets of life.

She proves herself to be a stylish artist who conveys her message in an impressive way.

Petra van Bellen is a remarkable example of someone who reinvented herself by pursuing her creative passion and courageously walking the path of self-knowledge. Her artwork is not only visually impressive, but also carries a deep emotional meaning that is stylishly expressed in each work. Today, Petra van Bellen's art is in demand nationally, and art collectors value her works as an expression of depth, transformation and courageous self-realization.

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