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  • Petra van Bellen

This is how a work of art is created by me...

So that you can get an idea of the creation process, I will explain to you step by step how my works of art are created. I chose a nice partner as a comparison....

The commonality lies in the creation process.

As with the "Robe Look 74", several steps are necessary.

Everything starts with an idea - then follows the design and the selection of the right materials.

There are always changes and optimisations - it takes time.

The most important thing is in the work - the passion and the attention to detail - the creativity!

"Style is the mistress of art"

Coco Chanel

Thoughts and inspiration

I find my inspirations in Fashion Magazine and Table Books. I love the picture books of Chanel and Vogue.

Inspired by a photo, I think about how I can change it for myself so that something new emerges from it.

For this purpose, I use the many possibilities of digital image processing.

The creative process takes place and the idea comes to a moodboard and serves as a template.

Life is like a white canvas

You determine the colours and how many layers become visible on your canvas.

Canvas preparation

If I have decided on a motif, the background of my canvas will be processed.

For me, this is the entry into the process and a good relaxation exercise to get into the FLow.

I use acrylic paints and fine fillers to create a structure and feel.

Another variant of preparing the background of the canvas is the collage technique.

With Binder, old poster remnants and newspaper clippings are glued to the canvas.

The poster remains come from advertising columns and billboards.

No matter which variant I choose - the background of my canvas is the lining fabric like a haute couture dress.

The load-bearing element on which everything is built.


I draw the motif on the processed canvas with a charcoal pencil.

In order to be able to work out shadow and depth better, I always fix the coal.

So it no longer blurs and a multiple application is now possible.

Not without leaving his mark....

Focus and elaboration

The topic of fashion should be found in my pictures.

That's why I pay close attention to the details.

These can be patterns or elements in the picture that I emphasise with different materials.

Sometimes it's a little glitter powder, gold leaf or various rhinestones.

I put another focus on the eyes. For me, they are the soul of the image and are decisive for the expression of my motives.


  • Acrylic paint and acrylic spray

  • Pastel chalk and charcoal pencils

  • Different fillers

  • Pigments and coffee powder

  • Gold paste, gold leaf, rhinestones, glitter gels

  • Stencils, various papers and fabrics

  • Fixative and closing varnishes to protect against yellowing and dirt

Quality is very important to me.

That's why I use colours with high pigmentation and luminosity.

When covering the canvases, I make sure to use distortion-free stretcher frames.

The technology and the why

I work in several shifts and prefer different materials,

Also called mixed media or collage.

The beauty of this technique is the process of creation.

I never know how many layers of paper or colours are created during the creation process.

Sometimes something stops, then it is glued over again, painted over or brought out again.

This creates a beautiful feel - a 3D effect.

And here is again the connection to my initially mentioned haute couture dress look no. 74.

Before the dress is sent to the catwalk, many processes of creation take place.

From the design to the first fitting, changes follow - it is marked - separated - added, etc.

The exciting thing is the way to the result.

I have an idea that gradually develops into something visible - a story - mysterious with what is hidden underneath - a guess - a feeling.

My studio

I feel comfortable here, I can be here.

Enough space to work, to exhibit my pictures and

To the customer - in a cosy ambiance.

My artistic routine

As an artist, you are your own small business.

Painting includes many other activities

  • Your own self-marketing - the marketing -

  • Material purchasing and accounting

  • Your own further development / further education

A ONE WOMAN SHOW requires a certain discipline and routine.

I have fixed times when I do my work, such as back office, or write my daily planning the night before.

The weekend offers me the opportunity to create a few sketches or moodboards with ideas - I don't necessarily have to be in the studio for that.

Dreams can come true if we have the courage to follow them.

Walt Disney

I am always thrilled when I look at my finished work of art like this and it fills me with pride.

The feeling - out of passion - to create something is indescribable.

Painting is a kind of therapy for me.

I can transport my inner to the outside and express myself with it - what I feel or what concerns me.

I call it luxury - to turn the passion into a profession!

To say goodbye

As the saying goes - two hearts in one chest I am sad and happy at the same time.

Part of me goes, we spent a lot of time together. I help to make people happy,

What could be better?


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