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  • Petra van Bellen

Kunst gegen Mode (ART trifft MODE)

I recently read an interesting sentence:

In addition to the face and hands - which in fact have the strongest social expressiveness of all parts of the body - what we actually see and what we react to is the clothing of our fellow human beings.

A topic that I deal with again and again in my art.

The face and the fashionable details in shape and colour, which I incorporate into my pictures.

Apart from the fact that the topic of fashion runs like a red thread through my life and inspires me again and again.

So I thought to myself, how does the topic of art differ from the topic of fashion.

Is there a difference at all or what are the similarities?

Both use non-verbal communication - a sign or Symbolic language - to convey messages.

These messages are interpreted.


Before the other person can say anything, we project or form our opinion and store it in our specially designed drawers.

Drawer thinking: Habit of assigning a thing to an exclusive/pre-preconised category.

- according to Wikipedia.

But does the clothing or the picture also say what the wearer or the artist wants to say?

The only thing that is certain is that no one can escape the communicative power of fashion and art.

Both fulfil the most diverse functions in our society and still have a common denominator.

To give the whole expression!

Or are there more commonalities?

The price segment

Referring to the economic laws "suppply & demand", I see the first commonality here.

A work of art created by the artist is unique and has its price.

While an Ikea poster or a high circulation of prints are far more affordable.

In the fashion industry, a distinction is made between fast fashion and designer labels.

A question of price? Not only!

It is the quality, the production, the manufacturing process, the materials and the time that justify the price.

Also the level of awareness and the importance that a name - brand or label - has already achieved in the market and in society.

But what about it?

The status symbol

Very expensive clothing, which is also recognisable as such, signals access to exclusive luxury goods, good taste and group membership of clubs and clubs.

Meanwhile, there are already online portals where you can rent expensive IT bags for a certain period of time.

Many super-rich people also adorn themselves with art - with works by Warhol or Koons - to name just two.

Often they are no longer exhibited at all but stored in halls - probably the parties will then take place in the halls.

Often they are no longer exhibited at all but stored in halls - probably the parties will then take place in the halls.

But what about the lovers of art and fashion?

Yes, there are!

It is the appreciation of a brand - an artist or designer.

Die Liebe zum Produkt!

You have found your style and the product (represing for artists, labels, designers) emphasises your personality.

You feel comfortable with it and it is the same values that you represent.

The work of art that touches you emotionally also feels good.

Perfect match! Art and fashion

Finally, I would like to mention the following.


The driving force for the ephemeral is fashion, which is based on the zeitgeist.

Dabei erfüllt sie die verschiedensten Funktionen in unserer Gesellschaft.

Trends - Opinion - Environment - Politics - Culture - Economy

And the art?

I'm not counting the individual art epochs for you here - to express the way of thinking and feeling of an age.

Certainly an area in which art can express itself visually.

Listing the individual epochs and their meanings would go beyond the scope.

Like fashion, art also knows how to express itself in social form.

It sets trends or creates movements - such as Bauhaus and PopArt.


I would say a clear draw!

Both areas communicate with us or we communicate about it!

In one way or the other.

With non-verbal communication - a sign or Symbolic language.

And that since people have been commemorating.

I think combining fashion and art is a successful combination.

They complement each other and give a lot of room for interpretation.

What is your interpretation of fashion vs art?

Please leave me a comment, I would be happy.


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