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In this blog post, I would like to tell you how a picture was created from a word.

"Sympathetic - cordial - honest....a great interview"

At the time, it was a comment on my first Instagram interview.

Actually, until then, I mainly moved on platforms that were specifically from

Women were visited - i.e. fashion, styling, lifestyle, nutrition and so on.

But here on the account of Ariane Brandes @50plusstyle it was about much more.

Here interesting people - over 50 - are interviewed by a great woman,

Who loves to network, write and make visible - exactly my topic!

So it was clear, I wanted to know more about the author of the comment and looked at who Stefan Voss is.

A singer-songwriter and videographer - an artist - like me - only creative in another field. So I sat at my work table in the studio surrounded by the usual chaos of fashion magazines, designs, colors and much more.

I read his interview attentively and got stuck with the word HERZBLUTFASTEN - his new song title, as he wrote. My gaze wandered and met a cover page that was right in front of me on the table - coincidence?

The cover showed a beautiful woman holding a powder wast in her hand.

It made BÄNG - HEAD CINEMA! I had a picture in mind of what made this word HERZBLUTFASTEN figurative. The urge to write to the artist did not let me go.

"Hello Stefan, I'd rather write to you directly here. I don't know the content of your new song, but I immediately had a picture in mind about the word heart-blood fasting, even if it is not suitable for your cover, I don't want to impose myself, have you already given me the inspiration for a new picture today. Thank you for that! When I have worked out the draft, I will send it to you. Kind regards, have a nice day and continued success. LG Petra."

What did I have to lose?

The world belongs to the brave - zack, the news was out.

I had no idea how he would react - no matter just do it (the message was sent anyway).

What can I tell you, my concerns were completely unfounded ... on the contrary.

Stefan Voss brought me an insane leap of faith.

He sent me his not yet released lyrics - so that I could dive deeper into the song and his thoughts - and I listened to his already released songs on YouTube.

For me it was quickly clear - a series of works of art must come - inspired by his music. What was written so casually at the beginning has subsequently developed into something very great.

A cover - the participation in a music video - a new series of works of art - and new experiences!

Who would have thought that.

Inspired by his lyrics, two more works of art are created and at the beginning of next year the series ART & MUSIC will be shown at my first vernissage - so much anticipated.

To give you an impression of the creation of the cover and the music video, I have created two small videos for you. All you have to do is click on the photo - have fun!

As always, you can find the first work of art "HERZBLUTFASTEN" from the ART & MUSIC series in my current art catalog. There you will learn more about price, dimensions and details.

Finally, I can think of a nice quote:

"There is an invisible connection between music and painting."


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